Stresa, 7-11 October 2014
Stresa, 7-11 October 2014
Stresa, 7-11 October 2014
Stresa, 7-11 October 2014
Stresa, 7-11 October 2014
EDA 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear dairy friends,
It is with great pleasure that EDA, the European Dairy Association, ASSIFONTE and the Association of the Italian Dairy Industry (ASSOLATTE) invite you to attend the EDA / Assifonte Annual Congress 2014 in Stresa on the shores of the Lake Maggiore in Italy from 07 to 11 October 2014.

In addition to the various EDA / Assifonte internal working sessions, and open break-out sessions in the afternoon of Thursday 09 October (two sponsored by ELANCO and RABOBANK, plus one prepared by an EDA expert group), we will host our World Dairy Forum on Friday, 10 October 2014 in Stresa – a truly iconic city for the world of dairy!
The overall theme of the 2014 edition of the World Dairy Forum is ‘European Dairy in a global context’ – we invite you to discover and discuss the role, the specificities and the approach of the European Dairy in our globalised dairy world – the final program for our EDA World Dairy Forum 2014 on 10 October is now online :
At this occasion we propose to discuss with you:
- The expectations and needs of the European ‘dairy consumer’ during the first session, and how dairy sector can position itself to satisfy the consumer’s demand in Europe and internationally.
- The challenges that dairy faces at global and European level are the theme of the second session, including nutritional issues, environmental aspects and food security.
- ‘Free trade agreements – what’s at stake for food/dairy’ will be discussed in the  third session, to have an overview on the challenges, risks and opportunities for the European and Italian dairy and food sectors linked to free trade agreements.
Our EDA Annual Convention will not only provide you with enriching presentations from high level speakers and give you an update on key dairy subjects, but also offer you an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from the European and global ‘lactosphère’ and to connect to the world of dairy.
Not only is Stresa a delightful little town overlooking the scenic shores of Lake Maggiore, but Stresa is also full of dairy history and future (as it is still shaping the European agricultural policy): in June 1951 the ‘Stresa Convention’ (International Convention on the use of designations of origin and names for cheeses) was concluded there and in July 1958 the main lines of the Common Agricultural Policy were elaborated during the ‘Stresa Conference’.
We are proud of hosting our annual convention in Stresa in a time where Italy assumes the EU presidency and leads Europe through transitional times.
Check out the final program and register now on
Join us in Stresa and Connect to the world of dairy!

Mr Michel Nalet         Mr Giuseppe Ambrosi           Mr Ludwig Rupp      
  EDA President         ASSOLATTE President      ASSIFONTE President

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